Stories From the East began when I, Andrea, left America in October 2011 as an over-ambitious, soul-searching wide-eyed post-grad. Though I thought I'd be gone just a few months, I ended up spending one year teaching English in Thailand and another half a year venturing through both Southeast and South Asia.

Everywhere I visited, I fell in love with the places, culture, food and especially, the people. In some of the most impoverished regions, I've never experienced greater hospitality.

Eventually, I decided it was time to cut the cord and spend some time with loved ones at home. After 18 months away, I pulled the surprise of a lifetime on my mom's birthday!

Back in the USA, I carry my experiences and memories with me in everything that I do; they have shaped the individual that I am today and the direction of my future. Everyday, I remember all of the people who touched my heart and I strive to give back to them in my life.

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Ellie said...

would love to go up to Isaan someday soon! love this bio, i can totally relate, esp. with the British English friends haha :)

Anonymous said...

your elephant/water splashing photo is AMAZING. (also - hi Ellie!)

Anonymous said...

your elephant/water splashing photo is AMAZING! (also, hi Ellie!)

Kevin R said...

Nice Blog I will be heading to Thailand soon so really enjoyed reading it, thanks. Kev