Friday, September 30, 2011

Live from Taiwan

The dreadful travel is in the midst and the longest part is over with. The 14 hour flight was pretty unpleasant, but could have been worse I suppose. I slept (uncomfortably) on and off. I sat next to a very nice Malaysian couple with broken English, who were just returning home from their holiday to San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. They were very interested in my plans and wished me much luck. In other news, the two meals served on the plane weren't half bad. Those Asians really know how to cook - cannot wait for the long awaited authentic Thai cuisine in a matter of hours.

I land in Thailand at 11:30 am local time - going to be a true struggle to force myself to stay awake until a normal bedtime to get adjusted. Let's see what this Bangkok is all about!

Picture taken from plane, flying over (or very near) the Philippine Sea.

Ps- Just met a girl from Buffalo, NY on my flight, but she is carrying on to Cambodia doing the same thing as me. Now I have a friend in Cambodia to visit. And of course this world never ceases to amaze me - we have two mutual friends. This is getting me excited for the many, many people I will meet along this adventure!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Peace out, desert

This is weird. It's vaguely reminiscent of the middle school days where I dabbled on "Live Journal." Let's hope my entries here remain much less hormonal than they likely were back then. "Blogging" still feels equally as strange, but I am attempting to at least begin this journey by documenting my adventures.

It was only three and a half weeks ago that I returned from an incredible month backpacking around Europe. The first day back in America was an odd disorientation of jet-lag & extreme discombobulation. Suddenly the reality that I was moving to Thailand -and soon- hit me. Somehow or another I completed the logistical tasks necessary and got to spend time with many people I love, both in New York and Arizona.

Tomorrow I suppose my journey begins. I leave Arizona and stop over in Los Angeles to see a few more people that I love. From there, I leave late Thursday night for the day-long travel to Southeast Asia! I have been mostly calm-nerved, except a one day period when certain people got my wheels turning about the political instability and sex trade in Thailand. Since then, I have decided not to worry - wherever you are in the world there is always something.

I arrive in Bangkok October 1st, where I will spend my first two nights at a hotel until I transfer to another part of Bangkok for a three week TEFL course with fellow soon-to-be teachers (all of whom seem to be British).  There are many question marks in my future, but bring on the adventure!

[Below is a picture of my parents new pup that was adopted during my visit - Dexter]