Thursday, November 17, 2011

Home Sweet...Sriracha!

So, I never made it to Kanchanaburi. We made it (through the flooding) to the bus terminal in Bangkok when my boss, KD, called me with news on my placement. I was to be moved the following day to a new location not in Bangkok: Chon Buri! My pals Phil and Rob decided to post-pone their trip as well, and use my move as an excuse to finally get our suitcases that we left nearly a month ago at our first hotel. KD instructed me to stay the night at the hotel, Pongpetch, where I would be picked up the following day. After paying for an expensive room and feeling the dismal deja vu of being in Pongpetch without my friends, I later received a call that my move date had changed. There really are not words to describe the screwy situations my fellow English teachers have put up with from AYC (our recruiter) and the Thai schools. Flexibility is the key! Every time things change, all you can do is breathe, take everything with a grain of salt, and remember T-I-T (This is Thailand)!

Turns out, I would have been able to enjoy a fews days in Kanchanaburi if I'd known it was Friday. Instead, I've moved to a different, cheaper hostel in Bangkok on my own, just waiting for my departure. Luckily, wherever you go, there are always other people traveling alone or looking for friends. I've been hanging out with a Canadian, two Dutch boys, and a German girl. I did take the Skytrain downtown yesterday to see the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center (free admission). The current exhibit is a contest to portray the happiness of the Thai people under the King's Regime, and was amazing! Rama IX is the longest serving King in the history, and the Thai people absolutely WORSHIP him. For example, at the cinema, an anthem is played before every film in which everyone must stand to honor the King.

I am being picked up tomorrow morning. Supposedly, I have a meeting with my school, and then will be taken to find an apartment. My school is located in Sriracha (also spelled Si Racha or Sri Racha), which is district in Chon Buri. I will be teaching high school starting on Monday. The first week is definitely going to be intimidating, especially without any direction or knowledge of their abilities. Sriracha isn't much of a tourist destination, which will be nice and perhaps force me to strengthen my Thai skills. I was very excited to learn that my new city is famous for creating the delicious Sriracha sauce! According to the map, my school seems appears to be very near the coast. Apparently I am the only English teacher at my school, but hopefully I will be able to meet teachers from other nearby schools. I am an easy commute back to Bangkok and not too far from some of my friends in surrounding towns/provinces as well.

Alas, I am on the the next chapter!

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