Monday, September 26, 2011

Peace out, desert

This is weird. It's vaguely reminiscent of the middle school days where I dabbled on "Live Journal." Let's hope my entries here remain much less hormonal than they likely were back then. "Blogging" still feels equally as strange, but I am attempting to at least begin this journey by documenting my adventures.

It was only three and a half weeks ago that I returned from an incredible month backpacking around Europe. The first day back in America was an odd disorientation of jet-lag & extreme discombobulation. Suddenly the reality that I was moving to Thailand -and soon- hit me. Somehow or another I completed the logistical tasks necessary and got to spend time with many people I love, both in New York and Arizona.

Tomorrow I suppose my journey begins. I leave Arizona and stop over in Los Angeles to see a few more people that I love. From there, I leave late Thursday night for the day-long travel to Southeast Asia! I have been mostly calm-nerved, except a one day period when certain people got my wheels turning about the political instability and sex trade in Thailand. Since then, I have decided not to worry - wherever you are in the world there is always something.

I arrive in Bangkok October 1st, where I will spend my first two nights at a hotel until I transfer to another part of Bangkok for a three week TEFL course with fellow soon-to-be teachers (all of whom seem to be British).  There are many question marks in my future, but bring on the adventure!

[Below is a picture of my parents new pup that was adopted during my visit - Dexter]

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