Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hong naam yoo tee nai?

We have found out our placements today. A bit emotional for many with the confirmation that we are scattered about the country after forming such incredibly close bonds in the last few weeks. As I expected, I am in the greater Bangkok area, in an area called Thonburi. I believe it's still about an hour outside of the center, so I am at least happy to not be right in the hussle and bussle of dirty, smelly Bangkok. Did I mention that Bangkok is by far the smelliest city I have ever visited? And I was sure after visiting Europe that it was Naples. For being the most Westernized country of SE Asia (and especially the most Westernized city in Thailand), the concept of an underground sewage system remains foreign in Bangkok. Hopefully Thonburi has their shit together a bit more - literally.

On the plus side, three of my close friends are also in and outside of Bangkok. We are all probably an hour train ride or so from one another, so it will be very nice to have them near enough. I don't know much about my school yet other than it is a private Christian college (known as high school in the US). Who would have thought I'd be teaching at a Christian school in the land of the Buddha?  I think that working at a private school will be much more organized than a government school. I can't help being a bit jealous of the couple people heading to schools in beach towns. Once we figure out details of when our schools start, we may try to coordinate an island visit this weekend.

PS - Two and half weeks in Thailand and I am settling in nicely. I now have a Thai bank account, mobile phone, limited (but expanding) knowledge of the Thai language, and a growing tolerance for spice. Biggest news of all - finally experienced my first "squat" toilet last night. If unfamiliar, see the link for a cleaner version.

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Alicia Messing said...

Just reading your blog for the first time. I had no idea that you were doing this amazing journey to be a TEFL teacher in Thailand and I am beyond excited for you. I may be coming to Thailand twice this spring for teacher conferences and definitely want to arrange a visit. And if you are interested in a visit to HK please come on over! It's just a couple of hours on the plane.